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In our last blog post we spoke all about how we've started accepting Bitcoin payments on our website. Here, we'll take you step by step through the process of ordering and paying for your vegan jewellery simply and easily with BitPay. All you need is a virtual wallet.... and some Bitcoin!

Step 1 - Find Something you Like! 

Once you've found a product you like, add it to your cart: 
vegan jewellery

Step 2 - Proceed to Checkout...

...or keep shopping! 

vegan jewellery

Step 3 - Fill in your Contact Details

As you can see, we had a Bitcoin celebrity buy with us recently....! 

vegan jewellery

Step 4 - Choose a Payment Method

You can skip past choosing a shipping method because we offer 100% free delivery to the EU! Proceed to payment methods. Here, choose 'BITPAY' and enter the code 'BITPAY10' for an exclusive 10% discount for paying in cryptocurrency. 

vegan jewellery

Step 5 - Complete your Order! 

Just press the button and wait to be redirected! 

vegan jewelleryStep 6 - Lastly, pay from any Bitcoin wallet using Bitpay! 

Now you're directed to the Bitpay secure payment screen. Here, you can either scan the QR code if you're on a mobile, or enter the payment address on your chosen Bitcoin wallet, and send the amount shown to the address on Bitpay. From here, we receive payments in our native currency and ship your order out to you within two working days! 

vegan jewellery

And that's all there is to paying with Bitcoin! Please read on though for some specific terms and conditions relating to digital currencies. 


In addition to being covered by all our existing terms and conditions, refund policies, and shipping information, we have some extra terms that those paying in virtual currencies should be made aware of. 

When paying in any virtual currency, including Bitcoin, should you require a refund, we can only reimburse your funds in your native currency of your country of residence. Unfortunately, as we do not receive Bitcoin payments directly, we are unable to send you back your refund in Bitcoin should you need a refund for any reason. However, this does not waive your right to a full refund as per our terms and conditions should your product be faulty or lost in transit, nor does it prevent you from exchanging your item at no cost should you want a different product of equal or lesser value. So, for example, if you were a UK resident and you bought a necklace for £11.99, you would send the equivalent amount according to the days exchange rate in Bitcoin, though, if in a few days time you should require a refund, you would receive £11.99 in GBP back as a refund. 

In addition, paying in Bitcoin does not affect your statutory rights, and we will fulfill any and all purchases, exchanges and disputes in the same manner as if the product had been purchased using FIAT currency. 

Many thanks for reading, 

Cortiça Boutique - Sales 

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