Mission Statement


At Cortiça Boutique we want our customers to be sure we are acting ethically and sustainably. Here's our latest mission statement which we will be updating regularly as we grow.

Cortiça Boutique was imagined and created by a Vegan & Vegetarian couple living in North Wales. For a long time, finding accessories such as wallets, purses, handbags and jewellery which contained no animal products but also came largely from a natural and renewable resource was difficult. Whilst travelling in Spain and Portugal, we discovered cork products, and saw first hand the sustainable growing process which produces this beautiful and individual material. Returning to our home in the mountains of North Wales, we searched for suppliers of these products here in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, we couldn't find a supplier which provided the products we were looking for. That is when the concept of our store was created.

We searched for suppliers in Portugal which could provide beautiful and quality pieces which were assured vegan and began building our store. We believe that whilst faux-leather products have a place in modern fashion, more needs to be done to promote the natural beauty in other vegan products. Unfortunately, we believe that using faux-leather continues to promote the status of leather in fashion. Furthermore, faux-leather material generally requires the extensive uses of waxes, dyes and PU plastics, potentially environmentally damaging products. Cork is 100% natural and literally grows on trees! Plastics are ubiquitous in our modern society and they can be a brilliant material, hence why some of our products may contain plastic components, but by limiting their use and combining them with sustainable and biodegradeable cork products, we are moving one step closer to a more eco-friendly future.

Talking of the future... as our brand grows, we would love to work with environmental and vegan/vegetarian societies to give back to the community and the planet through partnership schemes and donations. More information will come on this soon!