Shipping & Packaging

Our Carbon Footprint


At Cortiça Boutique we take steps to minimise our Carbon Footprint. We feel better when our products are shipped from inside the EU, to EU countries, so we can limit our product's mileage and impact on the environment. That's why we're committed to sourcing most of our products from Spain and Portugal, where not only are our products made and shipped from, but it's also where the cork tree grows naturally. We'd love it if our products could come from the UK, but it's too chilly for the cork tree to grow here, even with that thick bark coat! We never ship from China, to limit both the cost to the consumer and also do our part to reduce emmissions.

Shipping Rates

We proudly offer free shipping to all our UK customers, fulfilled via Correos (Spanish Post). We aim to process each order within 2 working days, and shipping is typically 5 - 15 working days. If you haven't recieved your order in this time, please contact us. We can ship to other locations in Europe, though please be aware that shipping times may vary. Currently, we do not offer international shipping.


As you know, we are passionate about the environment. We are also passionate about bringing you the best products, at the best prices, and always offering completely free delivery. To prevent waste, we have decided to ship only the product alone, in protective envelopes or parcels, free of any unneeded plastic based packaging or card. Paper is one of the most energy intensive products to produce in the world and we want to limit the use of fossil fuels in our product's lifecycle. This is the same reason we don't do what most companies do and source our beautiful products from China. Unless otherwise stated, all our products come without excessive packaging. As we grow, we are going to work with sustainable packaging producers to bring you beautiful products at zero environmental cost!