Why Cork?

What is Cork?

The finished product of cork starts out as the bark of the Cork oak, (Quercus suber). The Cork oak is a truly fascinating tree. Native to the Mediterranean, the Cork oak creates diverse ecosystems which support a plethora of life, including endangered species such as the Iberian Lynx & the Barbary macaque.

Originally, the Cork oak developed such thick and sponge-like bark to resist the wild fires which frequently occured in these hot southern regions. After a fire, this majestic tree would sprout anew and rejuvenate itself, having been protected by its thick bark. It's such a special tree, that in Portugal, it is against the law to cut one down! Cork oaks have a long life, living to about 200 years old.

What's So Special About Cork?

However, despite all the above amazing properties, we think this next one is the best. To harvest Cork, the tree does not have to be harmed at all! Cork harvesting is done rotationally on a 7 to 10 year basis, during which time the tree regrows its thick bark. Each tree produces roughly 12 harvests in its natural lifetime.
Cork is harvested by hand by highly skilled woodmen, who take care not to damage the life-giving cambium layer of the tree. This makes the cork industry a highly sustainable process, not only is it a 100% natural product, but during the tree's life it also provides habitat, gives us the vital oxygen we need to breathe, and stores carbon to reduce climate change. Woah... that's a lot to take in! Anything else you should know about cork?

Just one last thing - Cork is 100% Vegetable based and therefore is a durable, water-resistant and beautiful alternative to Leather, so rejoice Vegans & Vegetarians - cork is for you! Forget plastic based faux-leathers, help the planet and the animals with eco-superhero Cork.

No time to read? Here are the best bits:

Renewable and Natural Resource
Doesn't Kill the Tree!
Provides Oxygen and Stores Carbon During the Trees Life
100% Vegan & Vegetarian
No Plastics